Peace at home,
peace in the world

Famous word of Ataturk,
founder of modern Turkey

I was born in Istanbul at the end of 1998. Before I was even one year old, we moved to Izmir. I was always willing to learn foreign languages; besides Engish, I have also learned Italian. Until mid-2016, I have attended Isikkent High School for three years - focusing in mathematics and social sciences.

Although born and lived in Turkey for 17 years, I rather feel like a citizen of the whole world. That's why I have applied to AFS student exchange program in 2015 and I was successful, so I am living now in Finland with my host family. It's a little difficult, but I'm also trying to learn Finnish.


Manga and comic books, anime films

They have always been with me during my high school years

However, I am still amazed (shocked!) when I see too many of them.


The Giant's Causeway

I have also visited England and Scotland, but Ireland is a special island for me

I feel very close to Irish and Nordic cultures.


Cosplay events - a natural outcome of my manga/anime hobby

I am against weapons, that's why you don't see me here - but maybe I'm there ;)

Besides being a teenager entertainment, I think the manga/anime world is feeding my creativity.


I like to be at home, but being outdoors is also great

When I was six years old, we bought a caravan!

After spending three summers in a caravan camp and many camping experiences, I am now able to survive even in frozen Lapland.
One of my favorite outdoor activities is geocaching - finding hidden geocaches at specific locations marked by GPS coordinates.



They are not bad, sometimes even good :)

We don't have a large family, and I am the only child of my parents. I enjoy spending time with my aunt and other family members.


About me

I am an AFS exchange student from Izmir (Turkey), now living in Lapland (Finland)

Graphic design

I have started to use several applications with the graphic design course I attended in high school, it has become one of my favorite activities


Greek, Egyptian, Roman; archaeology and mythological tales of ancient times have always been my special area of interest


I like outdoor activities and especially geocaching in which hidden geocaches at specific locations marked by GPS coordinates are found

Play folk music

I play folk music instruments such as tin whistle and ocarina - at an amateur level

Read books/comics

Since my early childhood, I was a good reader. During my high school years, I had special interest in manga/comic books

Listen to rock/metal

Folk metal is my favorite, but I also listen to various kinds of folk, rock, and metal music

Contact me
Sodankylä - Lapland - Finland